How To Stop Your Cat From Destroying The Christmas Tree?

Have you ever spent a Christmas holiday with a cat? If you are the owner of a feline, you probably know that the hardest period for living with them is x-mas holidays. The tendency of indoor Christmas trees is becoming more and more popular each year.

How To Stop Your Cat From Destroying The Christmas Tree?
How To Stop Your Cat From Destroying The Christmas Tree?

However, pets, especially cats, found indoor trees attractive to play with. The lights, dangly toys, and tinsel are the typical decorations for the new year tree and the typical reason for a toppled tree by a feline.

In fact, the tree may also become dangerous to your cat, so, you have to keep them separately. However, is there any concept for stopping the cat from destroying the tree?

In this article, we revealed the topic of the cat-proof on the eve of Christmas and how to save your tree living with a cat.

Follow the reading to become aware of it and keep the cat’s curious nature far away from the tree!

How To Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree?

Choose The Right Kind Of Tree

First of all, wisely choose the Christmas tree. We recommend paying attention to the synthetic tree. Such item is more secure for our furry friends and eco-friendly. What’s more, original trees, except it’s eco-unfriendliness, are very dangerous for felines.

Simply, your cat will definitely try climbing on the tree and as a result, you will get the toppled tree. If the cat is lucky, it won`t be hurt and you will have to clean the area of the pine needles (imagine this scene a few times a week. Isn’t it annoying?).

In addition, your cat may try to chew the tree and get an irritated stomach or mouth as a result. Moreover, the natural Christmas tree needles are sprayed with pesticides.

If you support your tree with 24/7 watering using the water tank, take into account that your furry friend will try to drink it and it may end with lethal consequences.

Choose The Right Kind Of Tree

Pick A Safe Spot For Your Tree

The best idea for cat-proof is to locate the tree in the room so that your cat can’t enter. Try to install the pine tree in the spacy area. Make sure that there is enough space around the base of the tree to move.

Also, we advise you to neglect to stand the Christmas trees near the furniture. As we know, cats and even kitties may try to climb on furniture and jump on the tree.

There are lots of negative consequences, which may happen from the toppled tree except the cleaning. The fire may appear as a result of broken wires of lights. What’s more, installing the artificial tree or real tree, you should keep the cat away and control if the pine cones touch something else in your room or are too low.

Maybe the point of installing the tree is one of the most important for our “cat-proof plan”. After all, the fallen Christmas tree isn’t a good sign (even if it happened because of our furry friends – cats).

Make Sure Your Tree Is Stable

After you have chosen the proper pine cones, you should pay attention to installing them. Make sure that it`s stable and doesn’t wobble during it stands up. Some owners of cats recommend anchoring the base of a tree to the wall or floor.

Decorate The Tree Judiciously

  • Prefer eco-friendly materials and shatterproof ornaments. If the cat tries to jump and catch it and take off, it wouldn’t break and leave a mess.
  • Avoid the use of tinsel because this ornament is very shiny and the cat may try to climb on the tree to catch it.
  • Neglect the use of artificial snow because usually it`s not organic, or toxic and may negatively impact the cat`s health.
  • Some people adore decorating Christmas trees using candies and other food, however, the owners of the cats shouldn`t use such types of decorations. Nonetheless, the orange peels are the exception.
  • Don`t put the ornaments on the tree at the level of your cat’s interest, especially if such ornaments are very appreciative and shiny.

Use The Shatterproof Ornaments

The Christmas holiday season with a cat is a period of broken tree ornaments and other decorations. However, modern technologies purpose shatterproof ornaments made of plastic. Such items are eco-friendly and shatterproof, which saves your budget.

So, with plastic shatterproof ornaments, you shouldn`t worry about your Christmas tree. However, if you wish to put some glass and tender toys, locate them on the top.

How To Stop Your Cat From Destroying The Christmas Tree?

Avoid Toxic Decorations, Tinsel, And Fake Snow

Tinsel is shiny and grabs the eyes on a Christmas tree (the cats’ eyes as well). Firstly, such a popular type of decoration is potentially dangerous for cats because it is made from toxic materials. Aso, such Christmas tree decoration is east flammable, especially on an artificial tree. So, bear this factor in mind.

Also, according to modern tendentious, people started to spray fake snow on the tree skirt, and branches as decoration. Despite the good and fashionable tree look, it isn`t the best item for homes with cates because of its toxicity.

Spray Repellants – Citrus And Other Deterrents

If you reveal that it is literally impossible to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree, you can try to use the repellants. Repellants are substance, which pushes aside the cat. All the cats don`t like the citrus smell, so lemon or citronella oil is the most efficient. It will be also useful to locate the orange peels on the dangling low branches.

You can also use apple cider vinegar or the special spray for deterrents to repel your cat or kitty. We recommend using a spray from organic components only. By the way, the citronella and other citruses impact the motion sensor, so your cat may start hissing on a Christmas tree but keep your cat away as well.

Light Up With Care

We couldn`t imagine the Christmas tree without the traditional light decorating. Modern technical world purposes a wide myriad of electrical lights, which we have to wrap. However, such decorating couldn’t leave the cats away. So, your furry friend may try to chew it.

Except for the safety regulations, the cords of it are usually sprayed with toxic drugs to keep them away from the mice in the warehouse. To prevent the negative consequences, you can wipe the cords with apple cider vinegar and your cat will leave the tree alone.

Light Up With Care

Protect The Wires

The protection of the wires is one of the main tips in this post. First of all, if you decided to use the lights this year, try to keep your curious pets and away. Remember to hold each electrical wire separately and don’t let it lay on the floor or keep dangling.

You can also hang all the wires of your electrical lights in one box near the high wall socket. We recommend being tricky and w ipe each cord with special moisture, hanging the orange peels on the lower benches, etc, After all, follow all the aforementioned tips.

However, if it’s impossible to keep your cat or cats away and it is too clever for already mentioned, you can try some additional ways.

It’s a good idea to put all the necessary wires under the base of the tree and then protect it. To achieve it, you may try to use aluminum foil as a cover for the base of the tree and tape it to protect the wires. Additionally, utilize some deterrents like citronella oil. Also, you can pay the cat`s attention to the scratching post by using the special mint for cats, etc.

Keep Your Cat And Holiday Decorations Safe All Season Long

Keep Your Cat And Holiday Decorations Safe All Season Long

What Keeps Cat Out Of Christmas Tree?

First of all, the most efficient are the different smells, which cats don`t like. It could be the smell of citrus oil. Also, there are some zoo producers, who present special cat-proof sprays. Speaking about the ornaments, try to use peels of orange.

Pay attention to the natural Christmas trees. Some of such Christmas trees may have similar oils to the citrus which cats even want to stand near it. If you want to decorate your tree around the base, you should take into account the aluminum foil, which doesn’t let the cats climb.

How Do You Stabilize A Christmas Tree With A Cat?

Once, I bought a pretty nice and reliable support stand, so, I have no problem with the stability of the tree. However, my cats are very curious about the Christmas tree, so for such reasons, I Use the tape and the foil tree skirt in a combo with citrus toys.

Why Does My Cat Keep Chewing My Christmas Tree?

Is your tree real or artificial? Nonetheless, it does not matter. Try to use different oil, like lime or bergamot or something related. Also, I insist on using natural ornaments, that repel the cat.

What’s more, you can go to the zoo shop and ask for a special spray for such cases. Once I had a related situation and my cats continued chewing the tree, so I showed them to the vet doctor and he stayed that my cat should be sterilized and live in a separate room from the tree.

Everybody`s cat is individual, so, try some way mentioned in this post. I hope that it will help your kitty.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Messing With My Christmas Tree?

Again, I tried all the possible options. I stopped to decorate the tree using tinsel, and low dangling tender ornaments. Your kitty may try to play it, so bear this factor in mind. I also sprayed my artificial tree with a special cat-proof spray, it was useful in a combo of foil skirts.
By the way, if you are choosing between real and artificial pine, I recommend you buy the second one.

How To Stop Your Cat From Destroying The Christmas Tree 6

How To Stop Your Cat From Destroying The Christmas Tree? – Final Words

In this post, I revealed the topic of the Christmas tree period for the owners of the cats. Surely, such a period is one of the harder ones for the owners of the cats because cats are always becoming curious about the tree. So, how to be?

Follow the next:

  • Choose a tree wisely (I recommend more artificial than natural ones).
  • Use shatterproof ornaments.
  • Care about and twist something around the base of a tree (for instance: foil).
  • Utilize essential oils and special sprays.
  • Don’t let your cat chew it and other decorations.

It could seem impossible, however, to try to keep the cats separate from the room, where the tree is. If your cat will topple it, believe me, that the end of it isn’t the best. So, take care of your cat and the judicious question of spending Christmas with a cat.

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