How To Re-Carpet A Cat Tree? Step-By-Step Guidance

A cat tree is one of the best purchases the cat owner can make for a feline friend. Cat trees are good for cat’s claws, help to stay active, and get exercise. However, over time, carpets on cat trees start to wear out, and buying a new cat tree may be quite pricey.

How To Re-Carpet A Cat Tree? Step-By-Step Guidance
How To Re-Carpet A Cat Tree? Step-By-Step Guidance

In such a case, it will be advantageous to replace the carpet on the old cat tree than buy a new cat tree. Here is mentioned a step-by-step guide for re-carpeting a cat tree and scratching posts. Follow the reading to know how to replace carpet on cat furniture and save money on it!

How To Re-Carpet A Cat Tree?

Re-carpeting a cat tree is a fun and inexpensive project. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, there are many professional carpet installers that can help you with replacing carpet. We caution and recommend contacting the specialists if the cat tree structure is considered and includes a scratching post.

Nonetheless, if you decided to make this type of DIY projects on your own, you should look for the best video tutorials to know the technology and how to custom a cat tree.

Remember to bring a few tools to remake a cat scratching post and cat tree: traditional carpet material from non-toxic natural fibers, heavy duty staple gun, flat head screwdriver, a hot glue gun, sisal rope, and some other materials & tools.

Things To Know If You Want To Re-Carpet A Whole Cat Tree

Are you planning to re-carpet the cat tree on your own? You should know that there are several things, that need to be considered before doing so! It’s necessary to make sure that your cat has plenty of other options for sleeping and playing during the period you re-carpet an old cat tree.

Cats like to have options when it comes to their sleeping arrangements, so make sure there is more than one place for them. In cases when you intend to change the tree structure, you should also remember a rule of thumb: two feet tall per foot long.

Replacement Carpet Remnants

The carpet on a cat tree is the most important part of the structure of the cat tree. If your cat has nails and loves to sharpen them on the carpet, the entire cat tree will be ripped and shredded within a few months. You will need to replace it before your cat completely destroys it and makes the tree unusable.

Replacement Carpet Remnants

To replace the old carpeting on a cat tree, you have to:

  • Remove any staples that are holding down the carpet with pliers or a remover tool. If you use pliers, make sure you do not scratch the wood underneath by pressing too hard or using too large of pliers, which could damage them as well as the wood underneath that you are trying to remove staples from.
  • Remove all pieces of old carpet from your cat tree carefully so that you don’t rip or tear any more than necessary while doing so, which would cause more work for you later when replacing this piece of furniture in your home with new carpeting material that will last longer than just one year or two at best!

Preparation Of A Cat Tree

Make sure your cat tree frame is stable by putting your cat onto it. If you have doubts about the stability of your cat tree, you can learn here how to make it more stable.

Measure the area where you want to put the new carpet material. If your carpeted cat tree has a doorway shape, measure from top to bottom and from side to side. You will need this information when buying new carpeting for your cat tree.

Take off any old carpet pieces that you want to replace. If there are staples holding down the carpeting, use pliers to pull them out carefully so as not to damage them or cut yourself on them.

Purchase a new cover and install it onto your cat tree according to instructions provided by the manufacturer or retailer selling it.

How To Re-Carpet A Cat Tree? Step-By-Step Guidance

How To Re-Carpet A Cat Tree? Step-By-Step Guidance

You can re-carpet your cat tree in a few simple steps. We mentioned them right below!

Remove The Old Carpet

After you have removed all the screws, carefully lift off the top platform. Remove any cardboard pieces that may still be attached to the bottom of the tree and set them aside for later use.

Next, remove any staples or other fasteners holding down the carpet padding under your tree’s platforms. If there are any staples left in place after removing everything else from under your tree, take a pair of pliers and squeeze them into a small ball; this will allow you to pull them out easily later on during the installation process.

Prepare A Surface For A New Carpet

The bottom of your cat tree will have to be cleaned, so you can use a rough piece of cloth or sandpaper to remove any stains and other dirt. After that, you should vacuum the surface to get rid of any remaining dust. In this article, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to clean a cat tree.

If you’re going to paint over the wood, you should do so before cutting the carpet into pieces. The paint will help protect it from getting damaged in case your cat scratches it with his claws.

Select The New Fabric For Carpeting A Cat Tree

If you have a carpet that you want to use, great! However, if you are installing carpet for the first time, we recommend purchasing an indoor or outdoor carpet. It is durable and easy to clean. Also, keep in mind that your cat will be clawing at it so make sure that whatever material you choose is sturdy and durable!

Make Measures & Cut The Carpet

Measure your cat tree from top to bottom and side to side (or front to back if it is not rectangular). Then measure the height of each level (including platforms) in order to determine how much carpet you need. Once you have these measurements write them down and bring them with you when purchasing your new carpet!

Now that we have all of our measurements we can cut our new carpet! We recommend using scissors or a sharp knife because using a utility knife may cause damage to your new carpet or damage yourself!

Make Measures & Cut The Carpet

Attach A Fabric On A Cat Tree

Once you’ve cut and sewn all of your pieces together, it’s time to start attaching them to your cat tree. This can be done using a staple gun or by using duct tape if you don’t have one available. If you’re using duct tape, make sure that it’s strong enough not to rip or tear when your cat jumps on it.

Avoid faux fur materials and prefer to use non-toxic carpet options & sisal rope for re-carpeting the parts of the scratching post to keep your pet safe.

Test The Construction For Safety

As soon as you attach the old carpet, you need to test it out and make sure that it’s safe for your felines! We suggest testing out each section individually before moving on to the next step so you can fix problems as they arise without having to redo all of your work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the carpet on the cat tree?

Yes, you can. Many cat scratch posts are designed to be replaced. The top piece of the post comes off so that you can replace it with a new one. It is good practice to replace the carpet every 6 months or so. You will know when it is time because your cat may start to stop using their post or they may use it less often than before.

How do you replace the carpet on a cat scratching post?

The first step, remove the top piece of the post by unscrewing it from the bottom piece. Then, remove the old carpet by pulling it off of the frame. You can also take out all of the old staples if they are still there from when you assembled your cat tree. Now place your new carpet over the frame and staple on each side where there used to be staples before. 

Remember that this part is only for decoration, so don’t over-staple it too much, or else it will get in your cat’s way when they want to use their post! Once you have finished stapling all sides, put back on the top piece of post and screw back on into place



The cat tree is an essential piece of furniture for a cat, however, after several months of exploitation, the cover may be worn out by cat nails. Buying a new cat tree may be quite expensive, that’s why we recommend changing the cover and carpeting of your cat tree on your own.

Just what you need are a few options & tools, which you can find in local stores: cover material, glue, staple gun, etc. Then, you need to remove old carpet pieces and attach new materials due to the steps in our guide!

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