How to Get Cat to Use Cat Bed? – 5 Proven Methods

Cats sleep almost 15 hours a day. Usually, this is just a short dream from which they can wake up at any moment. But they need to feel comfortable and safe while they are in deep sleep.

How to Get Cat to Use Cat Bed? 5 Proven Methods
How to Get Cat to Use Cat Bed? 5 Proven Methods

Cats are often quite individualistic creatures, and they prefer to sleep in environments that make them feel relaxed, secure, and calm. Even if the bed you’ve provided them with meets all of these criteria, they can still decide to find another place to sleep.

This situation is probably all too common if you have cats: you want to please your cat with a bed as comfortable as your own (and get that cardboard box out of your living room). You are looking forward to delivery. And once you finally put the cat bed in front of your picky cat, all you get in return is an inquisitive sniff before she returns to her favorite cardboard box.

However, things don’t have to be that way! You can eventually convince your cat to utilize the bed you bought by using a few techniques and recommendations (and considering things from your cat’s perspective).

How To Get Your Cat To Use Their Bed?

We’ve all experienced buying a comfortable cat bed, just to have the cat take one look at it and leave. But do not despair and do not rush to throw away a brand-new bed!

We truly believe that cats can love their beds. Often they require only a little guidance. In fact, we’re so confident about it that we have a feeling you’ll soon be able to shop for cat accessories and even dig up some of those long-lost cat beds from the warehouse.

How do I get my cat to sleep in a cat bed?

To train a cat to sleep in her bed, you can use 5 simple ways:
– choose the right place for it;
– choose the right bed for your cat;
– make the bed attractive to your kitty;
– lure a cat into her new furniture;
– make other places undesirable for sleeping.

The 5 Proven Methods To Get Your Cat To Use Their Bed

Making the cat bed as inviting as possible is the key to getting your cat to start using it. This may sound too simple, but keep in mind that our furry friends are very picky about their beds.

Here are our top tips for enhancing the attractiveness of your cat’s piece of furniture. Let’s take a closer look at each of these great 5 ways to get your cat to use the bed.

Choose the Perfect Sleeping Spot

Cats are particular creatures, and they frequently require the perfect conditions for everything, including their food, litterbox, and bed, in order to be content. Your cat’s bed is most likely not being used since it is in an uncomfortable place. Either the location is too busy or noisy, there is too much action there, or something has scared them away from feeling comfortable there.

Choose the Perfect Sleeping Spot

Our little friends typically choose lofty places with a good view of their surroundings. Consider setting up their bed close to where they now prefer to sleep at an elevated location. Make sure the cat’s furniture is in a calm low traffic area away from dogs and children since cats also enjoy quiet environments.

It’s a smart idea to keep an eye on the spots where your cat currently like to sleep and place the bed as close to these sleeping spots as you can.

For example, most cats often like:

  • quiet nooks and crannies
  • locations where there is no active movement
  • away from children and other animals
  • sunny spots
  • elevated places (pieces of furniture, bookshelves, window sills)
  • their cat tree

In this article, you can learn all about where it is better to put a cat bed.

Choose The Right Cozy Bed

Knowing which bed your cat would prefer can be tricky, and it could be because they have different preferences at different times of the day and different types of beds. You can find out what kind of bed your cat will like by observing the surfaces she sleeps on and how she lays her body.

  1. If your cat likes to sleep on your sofa, buy a big, soft, and comfy bed for her to sprawl out on.
  2. Choose a hooded bed that resembles a cave or one with high sides if your feline likes to hide beneath your bed or other pieces of furniture for comfort and security.
  3. A circular, plush bed can be appealing to cats who like to sleep curled up in balls.
  4. A heated cat bed could be appealing to your senior cat because older cats prefer to sleep in warm places.
Choose The Right Cozy Bed

Make the Bed Appealing

Have you chosen the right location and purchased the right new bed for your pet? So you can proceed to the next step – making the bed even more attractive to your cat.

You need to convince your kitty to use a suitable rest area and bed now that you have them. One of the most proven ways is to use some catnip; most cats find the aroma of this plant attractive. If the bed smells like catnip, very soon they begin to identify this scent with their new bed and enjoy lying there.

Also, cats like the smell of their owners and their own. Consider putting your old T-shirt that you wore on the bed or a blanket that your cat likes to snuggle up to.

Lure Your Cat to The Bed

A great way to attract your curious kitty to bed is to use treats. Put some treats in his new sleeping place, and the cat will definitely go to them.

When your cat enters the bed voluntarily, wait to give him a reward until he sits down. As soon as he finishes, give him the reward and some encouragement. If your cat doesn’t want to, don’t push it to sit or lay down since doing so can make it associate the bed with unpleasant things. Leave his favorite treat out to tempt your cat to return later.

Lure Your Cat to The Bed

Alternatively, you can try to physically bring the cat to the new cat furniture so she can play. In the end, she will get tired and, perhaps, fall asleep right in her new bed!

Cats are very fond of affection and praise (just like people). Try to spend time with your pet next to the new bed, play with him, and lead and praise him. Soon your kitty will associate the bed with affection and pleasant emotions.

Make Other Spots Undesirable

If your cat likes to sleep on your clothes, laundry, or other furniture, make these areas unattractive to the cat. This will increase the likelihood that the cat will prefer to sleep on its own bed.

To do this, you can use the following methods:

  1. Use a special cat deterrent spray. Use it only on the spot, in no case don’t allow the spray to get on the cat.
  2. Spray natural citrus cleaners made from orange and lemon peels and water, or apple cider vinegar and water, which cats don’t enjoy the scent of and prefer to avoid, on the spots you don’t want your furry friend to sleep in or scratch. They are organic and safe for both people and pets. Use of essential oils should be avoided since some of them are poisonous to cats. And never directly spray your pet.
  3. Cover surfaces with aluminum foil or plastic carpet runners turned upside-down.
  4. Use physical barriers, such as pet gates, to prevent your feline from entering “forbidden” rest areas, or close doors to any rooms you don’t want your kitty to enter.
Make Other Spots Undesirable

While there are no guarantees in life (especially when it comes to our furry friends), following these tips is sure to help your furry friend sleep peacefully in their new bed!


Why does my cat not use her cat bed?

It will take time and effort to persuade your kitty to sleep on its bed. Cats are renowned for their independent nature and attention to detail when it comes to their surroundings. It’s doubtful that your furry friend will be cuddled up in a new kitty bed right away.
If this continues for a long time, there may be the following reasons:
– wrong placement
– too noisy room
– next to other animals
– an uncomfortable and not cozy bed
– is your feline cold or hot?
– his bedding is not clean enough – read here how to wash it!

Do cats actually like cat beds?

Yes, they love it! It is important for them to feel safe. They love small enclosed cozy spaces where they can be in silence and solitude.

How to Get Cat to Use Cat Bed? Final Thoughts

How to Get Cat to Use Cat Bed? Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of our article. I really hope that my article was useful to you and that these 5 methods will help you and your kitty find the best sleeping space for her.

Where does your furry friend like to sleep? Share your experience in the comments!

With love to cats, Julia.

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