How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree?

how to get a cat out of a tree

Everyone knows that cats are very smart and curious little creatures that are very adventurous. Cats love to explore new places and get to higher places where they can observe the world around them from a safe distance.

Cats are very mobile and love to climb. Usually, it’s fun, but there are also dangerous situations when our furry friends get stuck in the trees. A cat stuck on branches does not have access to water and food, and a long stay there can be dangerous for his health.

Yes, it may sound funny, but cats can actually get stuck in a tree! When a cat is playing, chasing prey, or running away from a dog, it can easily climb even a tall tree. But there are situations when the pet can’t go down on its own and then our furry little friend needs the help of his owners.

So, let’s imagine that your cat climbed a tree and the question arose before you – how to get a cat out of a tree? There are 7 surefire ways to help your cat get down from a tree.

7 Best Ways to Get a Cat Out of a Tree

7 Best Ways to Get a Cat Out of a Tree
Scared cat on a tree

If you notice that your cat is stuck in a tree, don’t panic! Stay calm and try one of the following methods.

1. Let’s lure the cat down from the tree with canned cat food

Not always, when a cat gets stuck on a tree, it doesn’t have the opportunity to go down on its own. Very often, cats can get down on their own, but they are hindered by fear and uncertainty. A good way to calm and lure your cat is to bring a favorite treat, canned cat food is a good option for this.

First, make sure that there are no other animals nearby, especially dogs, that can scare your cat and pose a danger to him. Take a can of your cat’s favorite strong-smelling food and bring it as close to the cat as possible. Unless fear keeps the cat from going downstairs when he smells his favorite treat, he will most likely go downstairs to feast on his favorite food.

Let's lure the cat down from the tree with canned cat food

2. Let’s use a laser pointer

All cats love to play, and they especially like to catch laser pointers. Try to catch the cat’s attention! Try pointing the laser pointer at the tree next to the cat so that he notices the dot and becomes interested in this game.

If the cat starts playing with the dot, you can easily help him climb down the tree during this game. If this method has worked, you will have a ready-made method for helping your furry friend in situations like this.

The laser pointer will not work if there is bright sunlight outside.

3. Let’s use a favorite toy

Similarly, your cat’s favorite toy can help. If the cat is scared, his favorite toy will help him feel safe again. Often cats perceive toys as their prey, and they may come down to catch them.

4. Let’s lean the ladder against the tree

 Let's lean the ladder against the tree

The fourth way is to use a sturdy ladder. There are two options for using the stairs. If the cat is not afraid, but simply does not want to go down the tree trunk, lean the ladder against the tree and your pet will go down the stairs to you!

If you see that the cat is scared, he meows, and clings to branches, he will not come down to you on his own. In this case, you need to first make sure that the ladder is stable. If the tree is very tall, you will need a long ladder.

A frightened cat may scratch you. Therefore, it is better to wear long sleeves. Wearing gloves will also protect your hands. Then go upstairs to your fluffy kitty. He’ll be glad to see his owner and you’ll be able to lower him down in your arms.

5. Let’s offer the cat a safe ride in a cat carrier

Let's offer the cat a safe ride in a cat carrier

The next way is to use a pet carrier. It should be noted right away that this method may require more time than the previous ones. What should be done?

Get a cat carrier. It is very important that the cat has traveled before in this carrier and is not afraid of it. Place your cat’s favorite toys and treats (dry food) inside. Tie the rope tightly to the carrier, throw the rope over a thick tree branch, and lift it up so that the cat can go inside.

You may have to wait a while for the cat to stop being afraid and finally enter the carrier. Then slowly and gently lower your pet to the ground.

6. Give the cat some time to descend on its own

You may not like this advice, because it is so difficult to leave your beloved kitten unattended! But if the cat doesn’t panic, he might come down by himself if you give him some time. Cats are very smart and agile animals and in most cases can climb down themselves. Try to leave your cat’s food on the ground level near the tree and leave. It might be the quickest way to get him down.

7. Call for Professional Help

Call for Professional Help

In movies and TV shows, we often see brave firefighters rescuing cats. In fact, firefighters usually have more important tasks and just don’t have time to take cats out of trees. But don’t worry, you won’t be left without help! There are dedicated animal control officers who are sure to come to your rescue if your cat can’t get off on its own.

Local arborists can also help you. They have the necessary tree-climbing gear and will pull your pet out of the tree with ease. Please note that a cat stuck without food and water should not be on a tree for 24 hours or more! You definitely need to seek qualified help!

And please don’t try to rescue your kitten on your own unless you have the right safety equipment and training! You are more likely to need professional help if you have an indoor cat that doesn’t have climbing skills or has little climbing experience.

Don’t Forget to Stay Calm!

Don't Forget to Stay Calm!

And don’t forget the most important rule – be sure to stay calm! I know how difficult it is for every animal lover, we love our pets very much, and when they get into trouble, it is difficult for us to control ourselves and not panic.

But if cat parents have a close bond with your feline friend, he may sense your emotions and start to panic too. This can cause the cat to lose balance and fall or start hissing and attacking anyone who tries to help him. Yes, it is difficult, but try to calm down yourself and calm your furry friend with a calm voice.

How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree? FAQs


Why do cats get stuck in trees?

This is due to the structure and location of the claws. When a cat’s claws are extended, they are designed to pull your cat forward or, in this case, up. Cats can easily climb a tall tree in seconds, but it is much more difficult for them to come down.
Sometimes they can only come down if they climbed a thick tree trunk and not a branch.

Will a cat eventually come out of a tree?

Inquisitive and courageous cats in most cases can go to the bottom on their own. But it can be too difficult if the cat is too scared or if the tree is too tall. If the cat does not come down for a long time and there are no methods to help, be sure to contact the animal control service for help.

Who do you call if your cat is stuck in a tree?

If the cat doesn’t come down from the tree for more than 24 hours, you should definitely seek help! Do not forget that a cat stuck without food and water should not be left without help for a long time! Call an arborist, animal rescue, or public utility company.
No need to call 911 or any emergency services. No matter how desperate the situation may seem, emergency services such as the police or firefighters will not help your kitty climb down the tall tree.


Will the fire department get a cat out of a tree?

No, firefighters only rescue cats from trees in the movies. Contrary to folk tradition, most fire departments no longer do cat rescues. You need to call animal control, arborists, or the public utility company. They will be able to provide you with the assistance you need.

How do you lure a cat from a tree?

The most effective way is tasty cat food with a strong odor. Especially if the kitty is hungry, he will most likely try to climb down the tree to eat. A laser pointer or favorite toy also works well.

How to keep cats from getting stuck in trees?

This is a very difficult task. Cats love to climb. Cats climb up trees to explore and play. The only way to make sure a cat doesn’t climb a tree is to keep it out. You can equip your cat with interesting climbing places right in the apartment, for example, cat towers. Cats are very fond of cat trees and you just need to keep them clean.
If the trees grow on your personal plot near the house, you can set up protected areas for your cats. For example, you can stretch the net to prevent cats from climbing very high, or make special steps to make it easier for them to climb down from the tree.


Final Thoughts

Well, let’s sum up our article. Cats are very inquisitive, smart, brave, a little desperate, and curious creatures. They love adventure and exploration. And our task, as pet parents, is to ensure their safety.

If you have a cat, you should always be ready for adventure. And now if your pet is stuck on a tree, you already know what to do! I hope that my 7 tips on how to get a cat from a tree will be useful to you in case of such a need.

And if you love to travel and want to always be close to your kitty, you may be wondering if it is safe to use cat backpacks.

I wish you and your furries only fun and joyful adventures together!

With love to cats, Julia.

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