How to Clean a Cat Tree? 10 Easy Steps – Cleaning Guide!

How to clean cat tree? 10 easy steps
How to clean cat trees?

Have you noticed that your cat spends less time in his tower or tree? Maybe he was less comfortable there? Or did he not like the cat tower anymore?

Take a closer look at the cat tree, it might just need to be cleaned!

If you are a cat lover and want to know how to clean a cat tree but don’t know how to do it, this post is for you!

Why is it important to clean your cat tree regularly?

The cat tree is a wonderful accessory for your pet! It will not only protect your furniture from scratches. This is a place where your cat can rest, relax, sleep, and play. It must be hygienic and safe for the pet.

Unfortunately, we can’t just put the cat tree in the washing machine. Like all cat furniture, it needs special care.

But don’t be afraid, it’s not difficult at all! We will guide you through 10 easy steps on how to clean a cat tree step by step.

What do you need to clean the cat tree?

2 cattree
Why is it so necessarry to clean cat trees?

Before you start cleaning, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and materials at hand.

Don’t worry, most of these things you always have at home! Also in any pet store, you will find a large selection of safe detergents and disinfectants.

So what do we need?

  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Scrubbing brush.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Bucket.
  • Lint roller.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Dish soap.
  • Baking soda or another odor neutralizer.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • A cat-friendly disinfectant.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Box cutter.
  • Glue gun.
  • Replacement scratcher.
  • Stain remover.

How to Clean a Cat Tree?

We all know how important cleanliness and hygiene are for our feline pets. Let’s walk through the cat trees cleaning process step by step.

Step 1. Disassemble the Whole Tree

The first step is to take apart the cat tree. Usually, cat towers have an interesting complex structure and consist of many parts. If you are the owner of a large tree, it will not be easy to clear the entire tree.

I recommend taking a picture of the cat’s tree before disassembling it so that you don’t get confused later and reassemble it correctly.

3 big tree
Gigant cat tree!

You may need special tools for this, such as a screwdriver. Make sure you know how to properly disassemble and then reassemble a tree! If you are not confident in your abilities, skip this step.

Step 2. Trim, Remove, or Repair Jute

When cats sharpen their claws, scratching materials tear and deteriorate. This gives the tree an untidy look. If there are not many torn ends, you can carefully trim them or repair loose ends.

Scratching post of the cat tree

If the jute is completely damaged, use a вox cutter to carefully remove the old jute and wrap the part with the new replacement jute in one or two layers. Fix the edges with a glue gun.

Also, you can exchange cardboard scratching posts for new ones.

Step 3. Scrubbing Brush

Most likely, the entire cat tree is covered with cat fur. But hair is not only on the surface. It clogs in the gaps between the parts, in small gaps, and it will be very difficult to pull it out with a vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, take a scrub brush and thoroughly clean the whole tree with it. In this way, you will remove some of the cat furs and simplify the work of your vacuum.

Step 4. Vacuum Cleaner

The next step is to clean the tree of cat hair, debris, and dust with a vacuum. Use the smallest nozzle to remove all hair from the gaps between the parts of the tower.


Please note that it may not be possible to remove all the hair the first time. In this case, repeat cleaning with a brush and vacuum again.

Step 5. Take Care to Remove Stains

Take a close look at the fabric elements of your cat tree. They may have spots.

If the fabric covers are removable, it is best to wash them in the washing machine using a mild stain remover. If the fabric cannot be removed, you can use a stain remover spray.

Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves before working and make sure the stain removal products are suitable for the type of fabric.

Step 6. Roll the Lint Off

If there is still cat hair on the fabric surfaces, you can easily remove it with a lint roller. It is specially designed to remove hair and fibers from clothes and other fabrics. It is perfect for our cat tree too.

Remove all the hair of your feline friend with a lint roller!

If you only need to clean a small fabric part of the tree, this method is a good substitute for vacuuming.

Step 7. Launder Removable Fabric Covers

If you didn’t remove your fabric laundry covers in step 5, be sure to do so! All removable fabric elements are the best machine-washed. Be sure to check the care instructions to see if they can be tumble stumble-dried.

Step 8. Wipe Down the Hard Surfaces

The next step is to clean all the hard surfaces of the cat tree. You can use regular dishwashing detergent and water, cat shampoo, or a mild, cat-safe cleaning spray or disinfectant. Please note that you need to clean not only exposed surfaces, but also those under the fabric covers that you removed for washing.

Step 9. Eliminate Bad Smells

You may notice unpleasant foul odors from the cat tree. It can be easily removed with baking soda. After the fabric is dry, sprinkle it with baking soda and let it sit for a few hours. Then just vacuum it.


The baking soda will absorb any bad odors. This is a great way to deal with odors and a little disinfection.

You can also use special commercial odor neutralizers or odor removers that are safe for animals. You can find them in pet stores.

While the baking soda is on your tree, keep your cat away from it! Cats should not eat or inhale baking soda.

Step 10. Disinfection

We cleaned the tree of cat hair, dust, and stains. But the biggest threat to our cats is bacteria and germs. Therefore, do not neglect disinfection.

It is not uncommon for cats to go to their kitty’s tree after visiting the litter boxes. Sometimes cats walk along the street. Thus, they can bring a lot of bacteria and germs to their furniture.

A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution works well for this. In just a few minutes, it kills the most harmful bacteria.


Mix hydrogen peroxide with water (you will find instructions on the bottle), put it in a spray bottle, and spray it over the whole cat tree. After 5-10 minutes, wipe the remaining solution with a paper towel.

Keep your cat away from the tree during disinfection!

Congratulations! You have completed all the steps to clean up the cat tree! Now that all the parts are dry, you can assemble them and let your cat enjoy his favorite tree again.

9 cats


Is it OK to buy a second-hand cat tree?

Yes, it’s OK. But it needs to be cleaned very well, get rid of odors, and disinfected! If the cat tree is too dirty, don’t buy it. Keep in mind that if your cat smells another animal on a tree, he will most likely avoid it.

Can you reuse a cat tree?

Yes, but you need to go through all the steps to clean it very carefully. Only then will it be safe and bring slavery to your cat.

10 cattree

Can my cat get sick from a used cat tree?

Used cat trees or used cat tower poses a health hazard to your pet. It can contain bacteria, germs, and fleas. If you still want to reuse the cat tree, sanitize it thoroughly. We have no way of knowing how well cat parents cleaned their cat furniture. Don’t buy a messy cat tree! Many veterinarians advise you to think twice before buying any used items for your pets.

Can I steam-clean a cat tree?

This is not necessary, but you can steam clean your cat tree. Be sure to vacuum it before steam cleaning. This method also helps to get rid of germs. Thus, no chemicals are used. But keep in mind that not all microbes and bacteria can be killed with steam!

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How do I get cat hair off a tree?

There are many different ways to do this. You can use an old toothbrush or wire brush to remove a small amount of excessive hair. If there is a lot of hair, take a scrub brush and then vacuum. If the hair is on fabric covers, use a lint roller to remove the hair.

How to get a cat smell out of a tree?

If you buy a used cat tree and it smells like another cat, your cat will start marking it. Therefore, it is imperative to get rid of the smell. Try using baking soda for this. You can also buy special odor neutralizers in pet stores.

12 cattree
Try to keep a cat tree clean!


Today we talked about the importance of keeping your cat tree clean and how easy it is to clean it in 10 easy steps. Please remember to clean the cat tree regularly! Then your cat will be healthy and happy. Proper care will not only prolong the life of the tree but also provide your pet with the necessary safety. Also, please don’t forget to clean and wash your beloved cat’s bed regularly.

Thank you for taking the time to post my article. I hope this was helpful to you.

With love to cats, Julia.

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