How To Choose Best Motion Activated Cat Toys? Top-10 Reviews and A Buying Guide

Electronic cat toys and remote control cat toys can be a great way to give your cat frantic, energetic play. You and your cat can have fun playing with this little mouse all over the house if you choose the right toy.

How To Choose Best Motion Activated Cat Toys? Top-10 Reviews and A Buying Guide

How To Choose Best Motion Activated Cat Toys?

In contrast to regular toys, electronic cat toys may keep a cat entertained for hours without requiring your presence. These toys have several different designs, which causes a wide range in their efficacy and build quality. That means choosing the ideal one for your cat might be difficult.

Many pet owners find it very time-consuming to find the right electronic cat toys on a budget. Of course, you can do without an electronic toy. You can always use a regular ball, branch, or piece of yarn, but you don’t want your cat to make a mess, do you? At the same time, the price of most electronic toys for cats does not exceed $30.

Save yourself the time and hassle of finding high quality cat toys at a reasonable price by reading our list of the top 10 electronic cat toys.

How We Chose Our Top Electronic Cat Toys? Buying Guide

Every cat owner wants to see their furry friend cheerful and joyful. And each of us wants to buy him a toy that he will play with pleasure. In any pet store you will find a huge assortment of different toys. And of course, you have a question – How to choose the best toy for my kitten?

How To Choose Best Motion Activated Cat Toys? Top-10 Reviews and A Buying Guide

Therefore, before moving on to our Top-10, we want to point out the main criteria for choosing a toy for your cat.


The main criterion is your cat’s safety. Electronic toys with wires or tiny pieces that can come loose can be a choking hazard for cats that prefer to chew. If you have an inquisitive kitten or an enthusiastic “rodent”, it is advisable to stay away from such toys. In the interest of safety, you should also look for toys with automatic shut-off, non-toxic materials, and lockable battery compartments.


The second is quality. Surely you want your new electronic toy for your cat to last long enough. Look for strong, durable materials, especially if you have hyperactive kittens or particularly inquisitive cats who love to bite and scratch. In this regard, customer reviews can be very instructive, so we settled on products that can withstand more active cats.

Noise Level 

Playing with a cat can be fun, but before choosing a toy, consider how much noise it will make. If you are sensitive to noise, read the reviews of remote control toys before buying because some of them may disturb you or other family members. The noise that some toys make can also scare some cats.

How To Choose Best Motion Activated Cat Toys? Top-10 Reviews and A Buying Guide

Type of Toy

There are many different types of electronic cat toys. These can be fairly simple mice, birds or balls, laser toys, interactive toys, and even remote control toys. For really fun play sessions, some remote control toys allow you to use the remote control to change the direction and speed of the toy.

Other automatic cat toys are activated by your cat’s movement, or can be activated remotely when you’re not at home via an app. Choose the type that works best for your cat before you buy one, or give her a choice to see what she prefers.

Your Cat’s Age and Size

When choosing a toy for your cat, also consider its age and size. For example, kittens need more engaging toys due to their high activity levels and intelligence development. On the other hand, older cats require simpler toys as they lack the stamina to jump like younger cats do.

Choose a toy that is the right size for your cat. Big cats such as Maine Coons can easily ruin regular toys.

Your Cat’s Preferences

Since all cats are different, each of them has its own character and preferences. Thus, you should experiment with several types of toys to find the one that your cat likes the most. Then the game will become an activity that she looks forward to.

Top-10 Best Motion Activated Cat Toys

1AOLIGY Automatic Cat Laser ToyBest Overall
2PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat ToysThe Runner-up
3RIOFLY Cat Toys InteractiveBest Interactive Cat Toy for Multiple Cats
4BENTOPAL Robotic Cat Toy Best Smart Cat Toy for Weight Loss
5PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy Best Dot Laser Cat Toy for Practicing Cat’s Hunting Skills
6Electric Floppy Fish Cat ToyBest Fish Electronic Cat Toy
7Valonii Rechargeable Motion Activated Cat LaserBest Design
8HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat ToyBest Mouse Electronic Cat Toy
9Cat’s Meow Motorized Wand Cat ToyBest Wand Cat Toy
10Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser ToyPremium Laser Remote Control Cat Toy

№1. AOLIGY Automatic Cat Laser Toy – Best Overall

AOLIGY Automatic Cat Laser Toy - Best Overall

Any cat will be captivated by the laser light, and for good reason – the moving dot awakens the cat’s predatory instincts. Unlike dogs, cats rely more on sight than on smell to find their prey. This explains why cats are able to notice even the smallest movements passing through their field of vision.

Due to the fact that they provide the cat with both mental and physical activity, laser toys are undoubtedly the best toys for cats.

Toy features and functions:

  1. Auto On/Off: Laser cat toys turn off 1.5 hours after every 15 minute period of use.
  2. Placing High: To prevent collision with your pet, place this automatic cat toy higher.
  3. This interactive cat toy has five ranges of motion that can be adjusted to suit the size of your space.
  4. Two types of power supply: install four AA batteries (not included), after connecting them to a USB power supply (5V voltage), which is more convenient. Encourage the use of USB to save money and batteries.
thumbs up regular


  • Automated hands-free cat entertainment while you’re away or busy
  • Provides both physical and mental stimulation
  • Automatic shutdown to conserve battery life
  • 5 Circling Ranges
thumbs down regular


  • Not suitable for a brightly lit room

№2. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toys – The Runner-up

 PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toys - The Runner-up

One of the best electronic cat toys available is PetFusion’s Ambush interactive electronic cat toy. By giving the cat moving “prey” to hunt, we intend to awaken its predatory instincts.

Unexpected movements of small objects attract the cat’s attention. The erratic appearance and disappearance of a feather strongly stimulates your cat’s natural tendency to chase and jump, making her a very happy cat if she manages to catch the elusive colorful feather.

Do not be afraid that your cat will quickly tear the feather, there is one more replacement feather included with the toy.

Features and functions:

  1. Six holes in the object allow a bright feather to appear randomly. It also has an LED light that also draws your cat’s attention.
  2. Multiple Play Options – This electronic cat toy is perfect for indoor cats. It has a fast mode (blue) and a slow mode (green/yellow) to keep the cats excited and engaged.
  3. Anti-skid feet – hold them securely on smooth surfaces such as tiles and parquet.
  4. Very easy to change feathers. Replacement feathers are available in packs of 3.
  5. The included batteries have a long lifespan and an eight-minute auto-off feature.
  6. 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
thumbs up regular


  • 2 game modes
  • Stimulates cat’s hunting instincts
  • Comes with a replacement feather
  • Good quality
thumbs down regular


  • Not suitable for very large cats

№3. RIOFLY Cat Toys Interactive – Best Interactive Cat Toy for Multiple Cats

RIOFLY Cat Toys Interactive - Best Interactive Cat Toy for Multiple Cats

The RIOFLY Interactive Cat Toy is a great option for those of you who have additional kitties to adore. The dual interactive features of this toy will be appreciated by households with numerous cats. For twice the pleasure, this 2-in-1 toy includes both a feather teaser and a laser dot. Both toys may be made to spin at varied speeds by pressing a button.

Interactive RIOFLY toys for indoor cats allow them to imitate their natural hunting activities. Among them are toys that support the hunt-chase-throw-catch-and-shake hunting sequence. After sleep, of course, chasing can be a cat’s favorite natural pastime.

RIOFLY KittenToys combine a dangling feather toy with laser pointers that twirl and spin to move in unexpected ways, keep your cat interested and entertained, and pleasingly awaken their natural hunting instincts – stalking and jumping tendencies.

Features and functions:

  1. This interactive cat toy has rechargeable battery – the toy can be used continuously for four hours after just one hour of charging. The interactive cat toy works like a robot and turns off after 30 minutes of use.
  2. Adjustable Cat Toys: You can attach the toy to tables, cat trees, towers, or doors as long as the surface is at least 1.1 inches thick.
  3. Cats find joy in lasers and feathers with automatic chimes and 360-degree rotation at uneven speed.
  4. The body of the interactive toy is made of environmentally friendly high impact ABS plastic, which is extremely durable and resilient, which will not be scratched or chewed by your cats.
thumbs up regular


  • 2 in 1 Laser and Cat Feather Toy
  • Comes with 2 different feathers and bells
  • Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and sizes
  • Up to four hours of battery life and only 1 hour to charge
thumbs down regular


  • Not all customers are satisfied with the speed of the laser

№4. BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy – Best Smart Cat Toy for Weight Loss

BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy - Best Smart Cat Toy for Weight Loss

The best exercise toy is the Bentopal Automatic Cat Toy. Because of its erratic, unexpected motions, the Bentopal necessitates concentration and quick corrections. There are two speeds, enabling usage on both carpets and hard surfaces. Additionally, a long-lasting battery allows for endless enjoyment.

Bentopal will work for 10 minutes while your cat is ready to play and exercise. The toy will automatically turn off after 10 minutes and turn on again after 1.5 hours, giving your pet the perfect amount of exercise and rest. This way you can be sure that your cat will not get bored or tired if you have to leave the house for a long period of time. In case the feather tail is broken or lost, new tails are also available.

Features and functions:

  1. Package contains – 3 Feather wand, USB cable, instruction manual, one smart toy.
  2. Integrated sensors – The toy can distinguish different scenes and adjust its course when it encounters an impediment.
  3. 360-degree self-rotation – BENTOPAL is a toy that captivates cats with its irregular running pattern.
  4. Large car wheels roll easily over carpet, tile, wood, and other hard floors.
  5. This toy built-in 620 MAH USB rechargeable battery, fully charged in 3 hrs, and working 8 hrs under default mode.
thumbs up regular


  • The perfect balance of play and rest time, automatically shut off
  • The unpredictable motions stimulate your cat’s natural hunting skills
  • Replacement accessories available
  • USB rechargeable
thumbs down regular


  • Aggressive cats can easily tear the feather tail

№5. PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy – Best Dot Laser for Practicing Cat’s Hunting Skills

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy - Best Dot Laser for Practicing Cat's Hunting Skills

The PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser is an entertaining and engaging toy that allows your cat to use its hunting instincts. The fast and unpredictable motions of the laser in this toy provide your cat with a ton of mental and physical excitement.

Your cat will become immediately alert and ready to pounce as the laser illuminates the ground in random patterns. The laser can cover more territory the higher it is positioned. Because it is a Class 1 laser, your feline friend may safely play with it.

Features and functions:

  1. Two game modes – One-Time-Play and Play-All Day – give you the opportunity to keep your furry friend busy even when you’re not at home.
  2. In Play-All-Day mode, the toy will activate for 15 minutes every two hours for a maximum of six hours, providing a total of three play sessions.
  3. The rest mode between games maintains interest in the game and prevents your cat from getting overexcited.
  4. Your cat’s natural tendencies to hunt, chase and jump are stimulated by the erratic movements of the laser that keep her interested and challenging.
thumbs up regular


  • Safe class 1 laser
  • Two pre-programmed automatic modes
  • Rest mode programming available
  • Various models available
thumbs down regular


  • Quite noisy for some cats

№6. Electric Floppy Fish Cat Toy – Best Electronic Fish Cat Toy

Electric Floppy Fish Cat Toy - Best Electronic Fish Cat Toy

If you’re looking for a cheap toy that will still keep your cat entertained, check out the electronic flexible fish. If your cat loves seafood, this flexible carp could be a hit. This battery-operated toy starts to roll over wildly at the touch of a cat’s paw.

The sensor inside the fish really recognizes when the cat touches the toy. In addition, the fish is neatly fitted with a sachet of catnip to get your cat’s attention even more. Your cat will keep playing as the scent will drive her crazy!

Features and functions:

  1. The toy has a built-in motion sensor. The fish toy will wiggle and make a sound when your kitten touches it, enticing the cat to play and bite; if you do not touch it for some time, the fish will go into “sleep” mode.
  2. The bag of catnip that comes with the toy gives off an enticing scent that encourages cats to play. Even when you are not at home, your kitty can play and have fun with this moving fish toy.
  3. These toys are made up of safe and durable cotton material. The cat can treat him like real prey, stroking him, pouncing on him to catch him, and performing a “deadly” kick.
  4. Just open the zipper and plug in the USB cable to charge the fish toy. Also, since the toy’s engine is removable, be sure to remove it from the fish’s belly along with the included catnip bag before cleaning.
thumbs up regular


  • The fish can be washed
  • USB rechargeable
  • The fish can work up to 12 hours after being charged
  • The catnip pouchincluded in the toy has a scent that encourages the cat to play
  • Affordable price
thumbs down regular


  • Not the most durable toy

№7. Valonii Rechargeable Motion Activated Cat Laser – Best Design

Valonii Rechargeable Motion Activated Cat Laser - Best Design

This laser is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a remote-control cat toy to keep your cat occupied while you’re away from home. Place the device on a shelf or table, and when your cat passes by, the motion-activated sensor will turn on the laser. There are several settings available, including two speeds and a customizable range.

Your kitty shouldn’t solely play with laser toys since cats might become irritated when they don’t truly ‘catch’ anything. Therefore, the toy will not work for too long, once activated, it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of operation. The sensor can only be activated once every 2 hours.

Features and functions:

  1. The toy has two speed settings (fast and slow) to suit the cat’s different exercise needs.
  2. You can install the laser head in different places on the base, and direct the laser to move in a circle on the floor or walls.
  3. Working distance 0-160 inches.
  4. The toy has a durable motor with precise gears for а quiet rotation that won’t disturb you or your pets.
thumbs up regular


  • Automatically turns off after fifteen minutes of play
  • Silent operation
  • Rechargeable
  • Activated by motion sensor once every 2 hours
thumbs down regular


  • Like most laser toys, this laser is hard to see in brightly lit or sunny rooms

№8. HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy – Best Electronic Mouse

HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy - Best Electronic Mouse Toy

Another fun way to cheer up your kitten is with a mouse toy. With this remote control cat toy, you and your kitty can have hours of fun. This cute tiny mouse has a remote control that allows you to move forward, left and right. In addition, this toy is designed to avoid most obstacles; if your cat knocks it over, it must straighten up before moving on.

This toy is made even more lovable with the ability of the rubber tail to twitch when the mouse moves to get your cat’s attention.

Features and functions:

  1. The mouse moves realistically thanks to interactive smart toy technology – moves around objects and obstacles, able to roll over and stand up.
  2. This fluffy companion has adorable, amusing pink whiskers and ears. When activated, it scampers and scurries along while wriggling its soft rubber tail, attracting the interest of cats.
  3. Mouse battery operated. The toy requires 5 LR44 batteries (included).
thumbs up regular


  • Your kitty’s attention will be attracted by the movement of the rubber tail
  • Ideal for co-op play sessions
  • Simple remote control
thumbs down regular


  • Only works on hard floors
  • A bit noisy
  • Needs a lot of batteries

№9. Cat’s Meow- Motorized Wand Cat Toy – Best Wand Toy

Cat's Meow- Motorized Wand Cat Toy - Best Wand Toy

This is an easy-to-use premium electronic toy that quickly piques your cat’s interest and makes them play. With three different tempo settings, it can be used by both kittens and senior cats.

The motorized mouse stick on this toy gently changes direction. What else does your cat need? This motorized toy easily engages your kitty in play and provides enjoyable exercise.

Features and functions:

  1. The motorized mouse wand softly swings back and forth and abruptly changes directions. An unpredictable cat toy deceives cats into thinking there is a mouse behind the canvas cover, making them feel compelled to attempt and catch it.
  2. Pressing a button will quickly put the toy into any of four speeds – slow, medium, fast, and random.
  3. A polyester coating that lasts long and is durable, ideal for all floors. Tiles, carpets, or wood will not prevent the kitten from having fun.
  4. The mouse and mousepad are immune to pawing, jumping, and scratching. Your cat won’t want to scratch your furniture anymore with this motorized cat toy.
thumbs up regular


  • 30-Minute Auto Shut-Off
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Motorized Mouse Wand
  • Suitable for pets of all ages
  • Can be used on any surface
thumbs down regular


  • Battery operated – requires three 3 (C) batteries (not included)

№10. Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser – Premium Toy

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser - Premium Toy

You may be worried that your cat is not moving enough or that she is bored without someone to play with if you spend a significant part of the day away from home. But with the appropriate app on your phone, you can check your kitty at any time with the built-in camera of this remote control cat toy.

You can even turn on a laser toy that can be controlled manually or automatically. In addition, motion and sound activated notifications are available to let you know when your kitty has woken up from her nap and is ready to play.

Features and functions:

  1. Check on your pet at any time from your phone with the Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi pet cam, which has 1080p HD footage, a 160° ultra-wide-angle lens, and night vision. Using a 4x zoom, see up close. Receive sound and motion alerts in real time.
  2. You can communicate with your pet while you’re away thanks to the enhanced 2-way audio. With a 4-microphone array and greatly enhanced speaker bar, enjoy rich, “lifelike” sound quality.
  3. Through the Play 2 smart pet cam, using a built-in Alexa assistant, you can listen to music, hear the news, operate smart home appliances, purchase your pet’s favorite goodies, and much more. (The use of a voice assistant is optional)
  4. You can play with your pet while you’re away with a built-in pet-safe laser that you can operate from your phone or leave on autopilot.
thumbs up regular


  • High-quality two-way audio
  • Quick installation and setup
  • 4x zoom capability
  • Built-in Alexa Assistant
  • 12 months, 24/7 customer support
thumbs down regular


  • High price
  • WiFi coverage required

How to Choose the Best Electronic Cat Toy? FAQs

Many pet parents have a lot of questions when looking for the best electronic cat toys for their curious cats. We decided to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Are electronic toys good for cats?

Electronic toys are great for energetic kittens and cats because they allow the cat to play on their own when their pet owners are busy. They can also help calmer or older cats who need innovative toys to keep them entertained and energized.

What are the best cat toys for bored cat?

For a bored cat, interactive toys that provide physical stimulation are great. It could be an interactive ball toy, a wheel toy with colorful feather, a mouse, or fish.


What toys keep older cats active?

For older cats, physical stimulation and activity is very important. But they get tired much faster than small energetic kittens. The best electronic cat toys for older cats are those that automatically turn off after a play session. Valonii Rechargeable Motion Activated Cat Laser or BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy are great options.

What toys engage your cat?

Electronic toys are very popular because they can keep your cat engaged for a few hours. But what kind of toy will become a favorite depends on your cat’s mood, activity level, and preferences. Most cats are very fond of running after a laser point and playing with colored feathers and mice.



All pet parents dream of seeing their furry friends cheerful and happy. And we are all happy to choose and buy new toys for them. I feel like a truly proud mom when I buy a new toy for my beloved cats. And we are very happy if a new toy makes the cat engaged for a long time.

Do not forget that all cats are individual, and that the same toy may be very popular with one pet and not at all arouse curiosity in another. Choose toys – it is a very interesting and exciting process, as well as watching the games of our pets.

I hope our top list will be useful for you and you will be able to easily choose the perfect toy for your kitten!

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